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58.com is a Chinese classified advertisements website enabling local merchants and consumers to publish information and advertise their service offerings in local communities. 58.com’s package includes target consumer group identification, services and products advertising, online marketing service, and customer relations management. Its aim is to provide a forum for the low income and jobless group. As the biggest online classifieds publisher, 58.com provides free, localized and credible information for voluntary users.Founded on December 12, 2005, and headquartered in Beijing, 58.com is China's for-profit version of Craigslist in the United States. It received $25 million in funding as investments from Softbank Asia Infrastructure Fund (SAIF) partners and DCM. It began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on October 31, 2013.As of November 2010, 58.com has set up branches in 32 cities, with 6,500 full-time staff serving over 50 million registered users. The site’s user base continues to grow, with more than 50,000 new users added per day. The average number of page views per unique visitor per day is 10, with 1 million posts per day. Due to its increasing website traffic volume and number of unique visitors and page views, 58.com is ranked the first among local life service websites. Its main competitors include Ganji.com and Baixing.com.Number of Partnerships: 10