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MYOB is an provider of accounting software solutions that help business owners and accountants. MYOB develops and delivers software, services and support for more than 1,000,000 businesses and accounting practices in Asia-Pacific region.MYOB works with a network of Professional Partners to assist these owner-operated businesses. The range of products and services include back office accounting, CRM, web site builder, domain name and hosting, and training.MYOB also works directly with accounting practices to streamline their processes and maximise their productivity. MYOB solutions are used by leading accounting practices from tax agents and sole practitioners to the Big 4 firms.Whether online or desktop solutions, from the start-up small business to the fast growing enterprise, for businesses working locally, or international organisations dealing in many countries and currencies, MYOB is constantly working to deliver efficient, reliable and cost-effective ways to make business life easierNumber of Partnerships: 10