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University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

A state school that is nationally respected for its top-ranking undergraduate and graduate academics, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is a thriving educational and research institution that employs faculty members who are some of the top scholars in their field. One of UCLA's particularly reputable schools is the School of Medicine. Attracting students from all over the world, UCLA's medical school is located at one of the most respected hospitals in the country and employs medical professionals and faculty who are among the top in their field. At the UCLA film school, students study with some of the most revered filmmakers in the industry. The Film and Theatre department also has a history of graduating some of the most successful directors, filmmakers and actors in history. UCLA also offers the full range of academic programs in the liberal arts, sciences and humanities, and professional fields such as Education, Architecture, Engineering, Public Affairs and Law, another of UCLA's more exceptional programs. Continuing education courses, like most things at UCLA, offer the highest caliber courses and faculty, with many continuing education instructors being published writers and scholars in their field. Not surprisingly, the student life is vibrant. There are plenty of organizations and activities on campus, both within and beyond academic departments. In the Westwood area of Los Angeles, where UCLA is located, there are also loads of museums, theatres, trendy coffee shops and restaurants. Fellowships are available for certain qualifying graduate students, and undergraduates who qualify may get financial assistance through loans, grants and scholarships. A highly selective university, UCLA admissions to some programs and schools are more competitive than others, with requirements also differing for each one.Number of Partnerships: 10