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With some of the countrys top academic programs, the University of Michigan Ann Arbor is a thriving university in a small but lively college town.The University of Michigans programs consistently place high in national rankings. Especially renowned are the Stephen Ross School of Business, the College of Engineering, The Law and Medical Schools and the Musical Theatre program.With a large and diverse student population, the University of Michigan Ann Arbor is a busy campus with numerous extracurricular and social activities and offerings. These include ethnic, political, academic, artistic and charitable clubs and groups.Arts programs, organizations and activities also abound on the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus. With numerous campus theatre companies, student art galleries, and about a dozen literary organizations, there is a niche for anyone wanting an artistic career or outlet.Athletics are a big part of the Michigan tradition as Ann Arbor is home to The Big House, the countrys largest college football stadium seating nearly (and sometimes over) 110,000 people.University of Michigan has an extremely low transfer rate with almost all freshmen remaining at U of M through graduation, an indication of high student satisfaction.Student services, like most things at University of Michigan, are comprehensive. There are opportunities for students to study abroad or do internships in their chosen field, plus plenty of career, mental health and personal counseling centers. There is also a student health center offering <a href=""https://www.dissertationcorp.co.uk/"">dissertation help</a> comprehensive medical care.The small city of Ann Arbor has been ranked as one of the most culturally rich college towns. It has some of the best restaurants in the Midwest and an impressive list of arts offerings including the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair and the professional theater The Performance Network.There is also a strong film presence in Ann Arbor, with many major motion pictures being shot there and the annual Ann Arbor Film Festival, which brings in filmmakers from all over the world.On-campus housing is guaranteed for undergraduate students but is not required.Financial aid is available to eligible students in the form of loans, grants, work-study, scholarships and fellowships. Performance-based scholarships are also available in specific university programs.Number of Partnerships: 10