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Sonic Healthcare USA (SHUSA) was formed in 2007 as the umbrella organization overseeing Sonic Healthcare Ltds operation in the United States. At present there are nine divisions within SHUSA.SHUSA facilitates communications and collaboration among its member laboratories and searches for new medical laboratories to join the SHUSA federation. We seek laboratories that share our values and vision of providing physicians with the highest quality laboratory testing, delivered with personalized service, catering to the individual needs of the local medical community.Similar to Sonic Healthcare Ltds federation structure in Australia and New Zealand, each laboratory in the United States is an independent entity with its own management and medical team that are united by Sonic Healthcares common values. In the federation structure, laboratories operate autonomously, responding to the local needs of the medical communities they serve, tailoring their offerings to meet the demands of each communitys physicians. By sharing and comparing information among federation members, best practices can be developed and adopted by federation members, as needed.Number of Partnerships: 10