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Hanmi Pharmaceutical

Established in 1973 in Korea, Hanmi Pharmaceuticals now is one of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in terms of revenue, and the most R&D focused company with the highest R&D investment for several years.Hanmi has been successful for a few decades with high flexibility, continuously changing its market/development strategy from first generics to IMD & FDC (Incrementally Modified Drug and Fixed Dose Combination) to new drug development including innovative small molecules and biologics. During the period of significant changes, Hanmi made multiple strategic collaboration relationships with multinational companies and biotech companies.Based on the success in 1980s and 1990s, Hanmi started its Chinese operation in 1996 with establishment of Beijing Hanmi. Now, Beijing Hanmi grew as a well-localized and well-settled Chinese company with more than 1,300 staffs including R&D, sales / marketing, and manufacturing experts and significant growth rate higher than 20% every year. Currently, Hanmi and Beijing Hanmi is closely collaborating on various business opportunities and new drug development projects as well as sales and marketing in Chinese territories.As the only Asian company with significant presence both in Korea and China, as the most R&D focused company with number of clinical stage projects with competitiveness, and as the company with open innovation based on multiple development/marketing collaborations, Hanmi is trying to develop and provide differentiated treatment options to patients suffering from various disease.Number of Partnerships: 10