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Sigma Designs, Inc. provides integrated system-on-chip solutions (SoC) that are used to deliver multimedia entertainment throughout the home. Products Lines The company offers four types technologies that it markets as separate product lines: media processors, VXP video image processing, Ultra-wideband devices and Z-wave devices. The company's media processor product line represents a family of SoC solutions that combine its semiconductors and software and are a critical component of multiple high-growth, consumer applications that process digital video and audio content, including internet protocol TV (IPTV), connected media player, high definition TVs (HDTVs), and portable media players. Its software provides control of media processing and system security management. The company's VXP video image processing product line provides a silicon solution that enables studio-quality video output for professional and prosumer applications, such as audio video receivers, broadcast studios, digital cinema, digital signage, front-projection home theatre televisions, HDTV, medical imaging and video conferencing systems.Number of Partnerships: 10