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About Us.

HealthTech Alpha is a Galen Growth solution, the global leader in Digital Health analytics and matchmaking. We empower global Fortune 500 companies and institutional investors to fast-track their Digital Health strategy.

Founded by HealthTech innovators, we aim to solve global healthcare system pain points and create significant financial and societal values. We have helped hundreds of clients across the world to achieve their ambitions in Digital Health.

From strategic advisory work, assisting companies to understand complex market problems, scouting for HealthTech solutions to solve problem statements, to corporate venturing, we help companies change healthcare for the better. Discover how we use data, analytics and our Digital Health network to help our clients outperform.


Our Data.

The foundation of our work is our unmatched Digital Health dataset. We monitor, aggregate and audit millions of data points to give you the most profound understanding of Digital Health. We continually update our data to reflect changes in the fast-moving Digital Health ecosystem across the globe.

This same data is available to you in our HealthTech Alpha platform. Whether you are determining a market entry strategy, fine-tuning Digital Health product development,looking to benchmark and differentiate against your competition or researching future Digital Health innovation, with over 100 million data points, HealthTech Alpha has you covered.

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