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With the latest funding data, Digital Health product innova-tion, technology trends, and competitor moves, HealthTech Alpha gives you the clarity you need to develop competitive strategies in a fast-moving category.


Develop Your Digital Health Strategy With the World’s Best Digital Health Private Market Data

Whether you are determining a market entry strategy, Digital Health product development, looking to benchmark and differentiate against your competition or researching future Digital Health innovation, with over 100 million data points, our specialist platform has you covered.


Benchmark Your Competitor’s Digital Health Strategy and Assess Their Market Effectiveness.

With data on over 7,400 Digital Health ventures and 7,000 corporates, we give you the competitive insights needed to outmanoeuvre your competitors. Easily apply our advanced filters to select target competitors and build a complete picture of their deals, partnerships, HealthTech category focus and more. Determine their product strategy and use our unmatched data to develop competitive differentiation.

Determine Your Future Digital Health Product and Market Entry Strategy.

We help you to understand where the opportunities for success lie in the Digital Health ecosystem. Build your Digital Health Product proposition and direction with the aid of our in-depth specialist data covering HealthTech products, categories, therapeutic focus areas, regulatory approvals, clinical trials and more. Use our advanced geography filters to identify what Digital Health ventures and corporates are active in your target markets.


Anticipate and Plan for Future Market Digital Health Developments and Disruption.

We ensure that your market entry strategy, product innovation approach, or competitive response is informed by only the latest and most accurate information. Our data is continuously updated and monitored, providing only the latest insights on Digital Health trends, brand-new technologies, product breakthroughs, regulatory approvals and more.

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