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Unlike pitch decks, HealthTech Alpha’s comprehensive Digital Health data gives you the inside track based on unbiased, granular data.


Get an Unbiased View of Digital Health Investment Opportunities

Get the big picture, key trends and insights in Digital Health, and then use our advanced filters to zero in on specific HealthTech targets. Let our unmatched private market data reveal new opportunities in Digital Health.


Go Deep on Due Diligence With the World’s Best Digital Health Private Market Data

Our specialist, granular Digital Health data is unrivalled. Core information critical for investment decisions is covered in depth, including funding stage, cumulative funding, investor profiles and valuation. We however go further than other non-specialist platforms, to include clinical trial data, regulatory approvals, partnerships and product information.

Benchmark Your Target’s Digital Health Competition

With our unique proprietary analytics, HealthTech Alpha pinpoints competitors to your target, based on ventures operating in the same HealthTech categories, therapeutic areas and geography. Every venture is rated with our unique Alpha score, based on momentum, innovation, market traction and funding momentum. Save competitive targets to custom shortlists for easy retrieval, tracking and comparison.


Get Access to Market Leading Digital Health Research

HealthTech Alpha Pro membership also gives you access to Galen Growth’s market leading insights and trend analysis on the Digital Health Ecosystem in APAC, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Pro members receive 25% off for Galen Growth premium in-depth thematic research reports, covering hot topics such as Oncology, Remote Monitoring, Mental Health and much more.

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