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China Capital Investment Group

Founded in 1995 with approval granted by the State Administration for Industry, the China Capital Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. (‘CCIG’) is registered in Shanghai with a registered capital of CNY300 million.CCIG seeks to optimize its investment structure as well as enhance its economic growth and competitive edge by fully harnessing the opportunities unleashed by changes in the global economic structure and China’s economic transformation. To this end, CCIG focuses on industry investments and capital operations and manages its assets in a professional and investment-centered manner that is at the same time grounded in industry experience.Currently, CCIG involves a number of areas, including mining, healthcare, real estate, cultural tourism, Information Technology, energy, and finance and securities. With a strong asset structure and abundant operational cash flow, CCIG is slated to grow its financial strength, establish more quality investment programs, implement excellent management and tap on a strong pool of professional talents as its assets take more a more international profile.Number of Investments: 0