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Future Play's mission is to create startups that will change people's lives in 10 years in a sustainable way. no see. We are doing three types of business for this purpose. However, as an investor and accelerator for technology startups, we provide investment and various support for growth by discovering competent startup teams. About 100 domestic and foreign technology startups invested by FuturePlay lead the development of advanced technologies that will innovate society and industries in the near future, such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, robots, drones, digital healthcare, fintech, VR/AR, and blockchain. Second, by establishing a collaboration model between companies and startups, companies discover new growth engines and startups are provided with business partnerships and investment opportunities. We are creating a structure. Third, we are operating Startup Studio, which plans a new business by ourselves based on our previous experience and spins it off as a subsidiary after undergoing an experiment in the market.Number of Investments: 0