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Founded in 2010, K2VC is a leading venture capital firm focusing on investments in technology upgrade, business model innovation and consumer lifestyle revolution. Our Mission is to empower the young who shape the future.K2VC has invested in over 500 companies across Technology, Internet, Consumer, and diverse industry verticals. Outstanding portfolio companies include Lexin (NASDAQ:LX), Jumei (NYSE:JMEI), Tuan Che (NASDAQ:TC), Zhaogang.com, Moji weather, eBroker and Meiyou, all of which are leading players in their respective domain. With a team of over 60 people, we operates in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and overseas. Top 1 of China Venture’s Best Early Stage Institutional Investors of 2015 and 2017; Top 10 of Yicai’s Best VC of 2016; China Venture’s Best Early Stage Institutional Investors for 5 consecutive years since 2013险峰长青(K2VC)创始于2010年,专注于互联网、消费、医疗等领域的早期投资,关注推动技术进步、商业模式革新及人们生活方式的改变。目前险峰管理人民币和美元双币基金,总规模超过50亿元人民币。已投资超过500家高成长性创业企业,阶段覆盖天使至B轮。并设立险峰公益基金会,致力于发现和支持中国公益领域未来的头部机构,已支持超过70家公益组织和社会企业。作为市场领先的早期投资机构,险峰长青(K2VC)已投资了聚美优品、诺康达、华亘股份、华安药业、有缘网、墨迹天气、老虎证券、分期乐、蜜芽宝贝、团车网、美柚、懂球帝等五百多家创业企业,从2013年起便被多次评为中国最佳早期投资机构。Number of Investments: 0