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Linear Venture

We strive to be the best Data Intelligence Technology Fund in China. The general characteristics of the companies we care about are: data-based, AI-driven, and commercially-applicable. As of today, the total valuation of companies invested by Linear Capital has reached approximately US $15 billion. We now have nine funds, of which our USD Fund 5 was successfully raised on Dec 15, 2021. Total AUM is around US$2B. Linear’s investments mainly focus on projects in Data Application, Data Infrastructure and Frontier Technology domains. Linear has invested in over 80 startups, including Horizon Robotics (US$3B), FraudMetrix (>US$1B), Kujiale (>US$1B), Sensors Data, Tezign, Rokid, Guan Data and Agile Robot etc. The valuation of all portfolios has reached around US$20B. Our short term goal is building the best Data Intelligence Technology Fund. For the long term, we aim to become the best Frontier Technology Application Fund.Number of Investments: 0