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Sunland Fund

Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund invests in diversified food production assets and other businesses that aligns with our overall strategy of combining regenerative agriculture, biodiversity solutions and natural capital value for superior returns.Utilising leading edge regenerative agriculture practices, research & development and investment partnerships, as well as biodiversity solutions, the Fund is managed to provide long term value for investors through capital appreciation and trust distributions.Founded in 2017, funds under management are growing as the long-term benefits of regenerative practices and natural capital value are being demonstrated for enhancing food quality, as well as positive conservation and environmental outcomes, in addition to investment returns. TAIF’s Investment Thesis is built on current evidence and TAIF research & development which demonstrates that not only can sustainable economic, environmental, conservation and social benefits be achieved concurrently to deliver significant agricultural investment returns, but that each of these outcomes are in fact, interdependent and mutually reinforcing.The Fund aims to acquire and manage a portfolio of regenerative agriculture and food production assets, and pursue value chain optimisation opportunities related to these assets. It incorporates leading edge practices and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, supports carbon sequestration, improves water management, enhances ecosystem services and strengthens community resilience.TAIFs assets include the farms:- Orana Park- Sunland Fresh Fruit- Sunland Table Grapes- Picardy Station- The Great CumbungNumber of Investments: 0