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Venture Catalysts is a company focused on the creation of start-ups based on technological and scientific projects.We support visionary researchers and entrepreneurs to release the full potential of their technologies and act as a catalyst on the development of new technology–based ventures.Our team's experience, our iterative approach as well as our expertise on several knowledge areas allows us to work side by side with the promoters of the technology, sharing risks and goals whilst speaking the languages of R&D, Entrepreneurship and Business.By evaluating the potential of technologies and focusing on solving real market needs, Venture Catalysts helps creating new ventures that generate products/services with very high potential at a global scale.We take a real hands-on approach, getting completely involved in the project and business development from day one to deliver the best results for the entrepreneurial endeavor.We focus on high technology areas from agriculture and food technology, biotechnology, energy and environment, health, materials and software development.Number of Investments: 0