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H1 2021 Middle East Digital Health Ecosystem Key Trends
Find in-depth analysis of the Middle Eastern Digital Health ecosystem, including:
  • Investment Trends
  • Pipeline Maturity
  • Cluster Focus - Venture Maturity, Top Ventures in Key Clusters, Deal Volume
  • Therapeutic Focus - Highest Funded Areas
  • Deep Dive - Oncology, Cardiovascular Diseases, Medical Diagnostics, Patient Solutions
  • Noteworthy Partnerships, Deals & Exits

As the world is progressing towards an endemic situation, the investments in digital health innovations continued to surge to improve tools and services that will increase access to diagnosis, cure, care, and lower the rising healthcare costs across the globe. So far this year a total of US$21.8B in venture capital funding, excluding M&A, IPO and SPAC activities, has continued the strong upward trajectory in investments that kicked off in the second half of the year and closed at 2.2x from H1 2020.

The Middle East Digital Health ecosystem continues to grow year on year, with a recorded total of $728M in venture capital funding invested in the past 6 months, up 2.24x YoY as compared to and up 2.60x compared to H1 2019.

Download our report and get the most comprehensive digital health analysis in the market, including a look at the top ventures in the region like K Health, Hello Heart, TytoCare, Cynerio, TailorMed, Notal Vision, Zebra,, MedAware, IBEX Medical Analytics, Augmedics, Vayyar, C2i Genomics, Sight, EarlySense, TytoCare, Sensible Medical, Nanit, Art Medical, Somatix, Elminda, HealthWatch, Orcam, Day Two, BreezoMeter, Medisafe, Dreamed, Datos, Theranica, Sehteq, MyHeritage, PeriGen, Upright Technologies, Vazeeta, and more.

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