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Oncology - Global Digital Health 2021 Thematic Report


  • An introduction to the digital health venture ecosystem in the therapeutic focus area of Oncology
  • An analysis of the four key regions of digital health: APAC, the Middle East, Europe (key markets), and the United States
  • Ecosystem analysis based on its development from 2012 to 2020, with a major focus on the past 5 years and further broken down by deployment of capital into key clusters and categories
  • An update on noteworthy deals, exits and partnerships in 2020 and the first quarter of 2021
Point of View

Globally, 12% of venture funding in digital health in 2020 was deployed to Oncology-focused ventures, which was more than any other therapeutic area, including mental health​

The record-breaking funding reached $3.58B, with most of the spending split between the United States and APAC, reaching $1.78B and $1.71B respectively​. APAC hosts 54% of the total number of Oncology-focused digital health ventures globally, with the United States contributing 24%, Europe 13% and the Middle East 9%, respectively

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