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Telemedicine – Global Digital Health Analysis Report
In this short report, Galen Growth is providing a global ecosystem analysis of Telemedicine ventures to showcase digital health innovation and investment trends.
  • Global Investment Trends
  • Ecosystem Insights
  • Venture Spotlight
  • Noteworthy Deals & Exits
Point of View

Telemedicine is a broad term comprising several technologies, from digital X-rays to over-the-phone consultations, utilisation of video conferencing and performance of remote surgery. It is the use of telecommunications technology for the delivery of medical care or services.

An estimated 11% of global ventures offer Telemedicine solutions. Since 2012, the number of Telemedicine ventures has grown 4.7x to reach 707 ventures in 2020 (712 when including publicly listed ventures). In the same timeframe, 43 Telemedicine ventures have exited. Of the ventures incorporated in or before 2014, more than 50% have moved into a growth venture stage.

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