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Wellness & Preventive Health – Global Digital Health 2022 Thematic Report

An in-depth report on the the digital health venture ecosystem in Wellness & Preventive Health

Ecosystem analysis based on its development from 2012 to Q1 2022, with a major focus on the past 5 years and further broken down by deployment of capital into key HealthTech categories and products

Analysis of Partnerships between ventures and corporates Investment Insights

Deep dive into top digital health clusters: Wellness and Population Health Management

Deep dive into regional ecosystems: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East

Noteworthy deals, exits and partnerships

Point of View

Galen Growth is pleased to share with you our latest insights on Digital Health in Wellness and Preventive Health. We define the boundaries of this expansive topic and explain the current trends in the market that are driving growth. We then move beyond healthcare statistics and trendy wearables to expose the spectrum of digital solutions that are moving the focus from Sick Care to Well Care. Our analysis focuses on private ventures and includes noteworthy partnerships, spotlight ventures, and venture funding.

With unmatched, unparalleled and indispensable coverage of the global Digital Health ecosystems, this report is powered by HealthTech Alpha, a Galen Growth proprietary solution, and the world’s leading on-demand Digital Health private market data, analytics and intelligence platform.

Proactive healthcare, rather than reactive healthcare, requires Preventive Health and Wellness solutions to keep a population healthier and therefore avoid expensive healthcare costs and overburdening the healthcare system. Galen Growth defines the focus area as including both the therapeutic areas of Preventive Health and Wellness, as well as encompassing all ventures in the Corporate Health category and the Wellness cluster

The global digital health ecosystem of ventures focusing on Wellness & Preventive Health is growing at a 5-year CAGR of 6%. Since 2017, 370 new ventures were incorporated, and 87 ventures have either been acquired or have issued a public offering, leaving 1385 active, private Digital Health ventures distributed globally. These Digital Health ventures have an unprecedented opportunity to significantly improve awareness, access and affordability to solutions, which now have proof points to change behaviours and reward new habits / improvements

Reducing escalating healthcare costs should be highly attractive to insurers, yet insurance companies have participated in less than 10% of the partnerships with Digital Health ventures in Wellness & Preventive Health. There are significant headwinds to be overcome, such as high drop-out rates, non-transparent reimbursement schemes, low payor confidence in long-term business cases and reluctant healthcare professional engagement

The highest concentration of ventures (26%) in Wellness & Preventive Health is in the United States, where employers typically pay part of the insurance premiums and therefore have financial incentive to offer Corporate Health programs to employees in order to directly reduce insurance premiums and indirectly reduce the cost of lost working hours


Unless otherwise stated, all data are exclusively sourced from Galen Growth’s proprietary database HealthTech Alpha – the global leading digital health intelligence and analytics on-demand platform. Presently, HealthTech Alpha tracks more than 155M datapoints and has a coverage exceeding 10,000 digital health ventures across the globe. For more information visit

Digital Health ventures mentioned in the report include: Wysa, deep-medi (딥메디), Peppy, Prenetics, HealthifyMe, Figure 8, Balanced, Viome Life Sciences, Xsensio, Phable, Sirka, ŌURA, Future Fit, Hydrow, League, Padoa, Forma, iFit, Athelas, Real Therapy, Endel, Soter Analytics, GOQii, Mindcafe (아토머스), Nabta Health, Hello Heart, Sweetch, Castlight Health, Wellbeats, Rhithm, Span Health, Sprout Wellness Solutions, EUDA Life, 23andMe, Owlet, Sharecare, Microba Life Sciences, Advanced Human Imaging, Geninus (지니너스), QD LASER (QDレーザ)<, Dialogue, Nervotec, Xenoma, BetterUp, Alice

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