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Women's Health - Global Digital Health 2021 Thematic Report
In celebration of International Women’s Day, Galen Growth is pleased to publish this report on the Global Digital Health Ecosystem in Women’s Health.

In this short report, we focus our analysis on the venture funding key trends, key areas of investment, and noteworthy deals, exits and partnerships in 2020. Also, keeping with the “Women in Leadership” theme of the 2021 International Women’s Day, we are featuring ventures with female founders and CEOs.

Point of View

Across the globe, digital health solutions for Women’s Health have been gaining traction, with the number of ventures growing with a steady input of venture funding. While 2020 shifted focus to the global pandemic, support for Women’s Health ventures remained strong, and 2021 brings the potential for building momentum.

While the Asia-Pacific region leads the globe in the number of incorporated digital health ventures focusing on Women’s Health, the United States has surged ahead over the past 3 years in funding deployed, with a total venture funding deployment of more than $700M in 2020. Consistent with the global trends in digital health funding, nearly half of the venture funding was deployed to ventures in the telemedicine cluster.

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