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Your Quick Start Guide to HealthTech Alpha

Finding Your Way Around HealthTech Alpha

3 minute watch

In this tutorial, we’ll get you up and running in no time. We guide you through HealthTech Alpha’s navigation, and show you how to find your account information, discover start- ups, corporates and investors active in Digital Health, and explore our Digital Health Taxonomy.

Discovering Digital Health Startups, Corporates and Investors

5 minute watch

In this tutorial, discover how easy it is to find Digital Health startups, investors and corporate partners with HealthTech Alpha’s powerful and easy to use filters.

A Deeper Look at Selecting Digital Health Startups

5 minute watch

In this session, we help you discover exact matches to your criteria, and we take a look at some of our specialist startup data, including product, funding and regulatory informa- tion.

Sharing information - How to Create PDFs, Excel Spreadsheets, and Tear sheets

3 minute watch

With HealthTech Alpha, you can easily share information in several ways. In this three minute overview, we show you how to generate and download PDFs, tear sheets, and for Enterprise customers, export data straight into Excel.

Understanding HealthTech Alpha’s Funding Information

5 minute watch

Our robust funding information includes stage, overall fund-ing, valuation, comparables and investors. This overview covers how to read our data and explain the calculations behind the numbers.

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  • Creating Personalized Lists
  • Managing Your Account
  • Collaborating with Your Team
  • Setting up E-alerts
  • Customizing Your Dashboard
  • Creating Workspaces
  • And more

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